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Based in Wiltshire, Rebecca creates beautiful drawings and sculptures which celebrate strength, and hold movement and elegance at their core. Her work explores the strength and courage of women in situations where they are culturally or socially stigmatised. Rebecca is especially interested in the notion of what it means to feel empowered for women who are born into more challenging environments, and of the concept of Physis: "the determination to grow and survive", for women and girls across the world facing social and environmental hardship.

In 2017 Rebecca was commissioned to design and create a sculpture as part of an international campaign to highlight the plight of the Lai Dai Han in Vietnam, a group of women and children stigmatised by the result of sexual violence in the Vietnam war. She is currently working on this 2 meter bronze which will be in place in the summer 2019.


In 2016 she was shortlisted for the prestigious PMSA's Marsh award for excellence in public sculpture for her work on the Gurkha Memorial, Folkestone.


Rebecca’s distinctive line of charcoal drawings have developed over the last 12 years. Time spent travelling and working in Nepal and India has given her an unbending respect for the women who live there. Inspired by their elegance, strength and humility in the face of social and environmental hardship, she has sought to pay homage to them through her drawings. Drawing from her minds eye, Rebecca aims to capture their sense of movement and the unmistakable “feel” of what it is to see these ethereal paragons in their surroundings. Gradually over the years she has started to introduce the use of gold leaf, and cultural references in the form of block printing found in their saris, into her drawings. Using a technique she has developed, she draws on gold leaf to build beautiful and unusual drawings which pay homage to the women who evolve from within them. Rebecca’s emphasis on traditional skills while incorporating beautifully crafted imagery is building a reputation with private and public collectors alike, both in the UK and abroad.


Within her sculpture, she has two lines of work; traditional figurative, and more abstract sheet metal work designed primarily for the garden. The influences for her metal work come from organic curves found in nature. Birds in flight, swirling fish, the smooth curved inside of a shell, the graceful unfurling curl of a fallen leaf in autumn; these are the natural curves that inspire her. Her figurative, work is usually modelled in clay and then cast in either bronze or bronze resin. Her interest in this field is capturing elegance and movement, be it the movement and statuesque power of a horse as something catches its eye across the field, or the elegance and movement of a sari in motion. 



Rebecca works to all scale with public commissioning bodies, garden designers and private clients alike, with her versatile approach ensuring that her choice of materials and technique are specific to the requirements of each individual clients commission. To view examples of both types of work, please click on the relevant galleries.


Rebecca has worked on a number of projects, including working with the Esther Benjamins Trust in 2009 in Nepal, setting up a sculpture workshop to provide therapy through the art of making to victims of child trafficking.