The Gurkha Memorial project for Folkestone town centre was a 6 year project from concept through to completion. It was unveiled in 2015 by Joanna Lumley and stand in Folkestone in memory of all Gurkha soldiers killed since 2000. At the time of completion it was the most up to date sculpture detail kit worn in campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan. The project encountered many challenges thanks to the financial crash in 2008 and the fact that over the subsequent 6 years, body armour on the ground changed over 30 times, so that each time it did, the original maquette had to be updated. 


In 2016 The Gurkha was shortlisted for the prestigious PMSA's Marsh award for excellence in public sculpture.

The Gurkha memorial, Folkestone.
The unveiling.
The Gurkha, Folkestone
Clay model, 6ft
Clay model left side
Clay model, right side.
The patinated bronze