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"Hope is the triumph of imagination over adversity"

Rev. Richard Coles

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Over the last 25 years Rebecca has built a collection of meaningful, and emotionally moving sculptures and drawings that sit in private collections and public spaces around the world.  By celebrating strength through adversity her artworks inspire a feeling of hope in a world where perseverance and resilience are much needed commodities. 

Rebecca's most recent public work is a larger than life-size bronze sculpture entitled 'The Mother and Child'.  It is the talking point for a campaign that focuses on ending sexual violence in conflict; a campaign that she works on with Rt. Hon Jack Straw; the former Foreign and Home Secretary. The sculpture has pride of place in central London's St James' Square and was unveiled by the Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Nadia Murad. 

“Rebecca Hawkins is an extremely talented sculptor. Such is her talent that she manages to make her sculptures come alive; they breathe feelings and emotion. Rebecca is able to do this because of her own deep commitment to fighting the many injustices which are the causes behind her pieces, and because she is brilliant at telling human stories through bronze."

Rt Hon Jack Straw –  Foreign Secretary 2001-2005; Home Secretary 1997-2001; Lord Chancellor 2007-2010.

View the figurative sculptures, original drawings and  limited edition prints currently available to purchase online.

With an enjoyment of building a concept, teamed with an ability to create strong imagery, Rebecca creates sculptures and drawings for private collections and campaigns celebrating strength. Much of her work champions the strength and courage of women in situations where they are culturally or socially stigmatised.


Rebecca is especially interested in the notion of what it means to feel free, for women who are born into more challenging environments, and of the concept of Physis: "The determination to grow and survive", for women and girls across the world facing social and environmental hardship.

Rebecca Hawkins Sculpture


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