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Collaborations with Frank Water - carrying water

Water is a precious commodity that most of us take for granted a number of times a day. Throughout the world, hundreds of thousands of people live without such luxury, and the brunt of that burden lands on the shoulders of women and girls - literally.... For the last 16 years, I have been inspired by the strength, resilience and elegance of these women who fetch and carry water for their families and communities, often in the harshest of environments, and I am so excited to be creating a line of sculptures inspired by the incredible work of Frank Water.

Frank Water is a British charity that provides vital access to safe water for communities in rural India and Nepal

For the next year we will be collaborating to raise awareness and bring you stories that celebrate the strength of women and communities for whom this is such a precious commodity but one for which they pay a high price in health and social mobility. To see more of the Frank Water's inspiring work please go to

50% of the profit of artworks created for Frank Water will go to support their vital work, changing lives. so please follow this project, and if you like the artworks, you can be part of that change too. Thank you.

For more regular updates, please follow me on Instagram @rebeccahawkinssculpture

Drawing for planned sculptures.

Frank Water Logo


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