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 Campaign Sculpture

In a world where much positive change is still needed, art is a powerful tool for telling stories and gaining public empathy. Rebecca creates sculptures and drawings that support campaigns for those changes.  A sculpture that sits silently and quietly, telling a story through subtle use of emotion and symbolism, takes an onlooker by surprise and links directly to the viewers emotional core.


Extensive travel in Africa and Asia has given Rebecca an unbending respect for those that she has met on her travels. Her sculptures and drawings champion people who are made to feel unimportant on a daily basis by virtue of their birth. By celebrating them through her sculptures and drawings, she gives them an elevated voice and stature that they would otherwise be without. Rebecca's work celebrates their strength over adversity and highlights the importance of the freedom that should be everyones basic human right.

Rebecca is especially interested in the notion of what it means to feel free for women who are born into more challenging environments, and of the concept of "Physis": "The determination to grow and survive", for women and girls across the world facing social and environmental hardship.

Below are some of the projects that Rebecca has been and is involved with. The Circus Kathmandu project, particularly, is her own philanthropic project to raise funds and awareness for survivors of child trafficking in Nepal, who are working to make a difference and warn other families of the dangers of prolific Human Traffickers in Nepal.

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